Dacxi Programmes

Buy a Dacxi Bundle

The Dacxi Bundle is a package containing 3 blue chip coins plus the DAC Coin. It comprises 50% Bitcoin, 20% Ethereum, 10% Litecoin and 20% DAC coin.

Dacxi believes that the crypto market is going to boom, and everyone needs to get involved now.

Why buy a Dacxi Bundle?

1.   It is an easy way for people to buy crypto.

2.  It spreads the risk over a few top coins.

3.  It is a programme that provides generous incentives.

Buy a DAC Pack

The DAC Coin is the internal currency of the global Dacxi Economy. The DAC Pack consists only of DAC Coin.

Why buy a DAC Pack?

1.  Coin Utility - get the coin value from discounts on exchange fees, premium Dacxi Community benefits and offers.

2.  Growing Demand - As our product features and global marketing efforts increase, so too will demand for the DAC Coin.